monDieu 010 (Skikkelig monDieu mix) – magnus ah ok

Sound by Magnus A. H. Olsen and Maren Serine — 3 months ago
Personae profile — February 9th, 2017
Sound by Magnus A. H. Olsen — 3 months ago

The latest monDieu mix is introduced with claps, tropical drums a cut-off voice moaning «ah, oh», and then it sets off with a persuading male voice saying «ah ok». The brilliant introduction is simultaneously presenting its creator’s stage name. Discovering this feel of audible movement right from the start of this monDieu mix, the artist’s visually background comes to mind and really makes sense.

magnus ah ok is an educated Art Director from a school of communication in Oslo. At the moment he has left the commercial field and is studying Fine-art photography. His Soundcloud is reflecting a communicator of calculated precision, but his work is also abstracted, playful and fascinatingly distorted.


le list 01/17

Sound by Maren Serine — 4 months ago
Personae profile — January 9th, 2017
Sound by Maren Serine — 4 months ago


le list 04/16

Sound by Maren Serine — 7 months ago
Personae profile — October 10th, 2016
Sound by Maren Serine — 7 months ago



monDieu 008 (Make Love) – Lebenslinie

Sound by Lebenslinie and Maren Serine — 11 months ago
Personae profile — May 29th, 2016
Sound by Maren Serine — 11 months ago

A lifeline provides help or support that is needed for success or survival, and Lebenslinie, is the German translation. Lebenslinie is also the name of the producer that has created our brand new monDieu mix. Make Love was made in a studio located in the town Rheine where Lebenslinie is based. Lebenslinie is a rather unconventional contributor to the music scene there as almost every local club offers Rock, RnB or «Schlager».

Feeling quite alone as an electronic music lover in Rheine, Lebenslinie was very excited getting to know two producers on the internet that included her as part of an underground electronic music niche.


le list 02/16

Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago
Personae profile — April 3rd, 2016
Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago

A slow hot wind is surrounding you soon to caress your inner ear
The long-awaited spring has arrived, and le list 02/16 is finally here
How pleasing such blinding light can feel after winter of darkest kind Dreams and reality can dance too close in a lazy and slumbering mind Blackbirds are back, calling us up from the highest treetops around
Time to wake up while enjoying the wind and also the rest of this sound.


monDieu 007 – b0ka

Sound by b0ka recordings and Maren Serine — 1 year ago
Personae profile — March 31st, 2016
Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago

mon Dieu Sound has the pleasure of introducing b0ka, three producers and two jazz musicians based in the Norwegian capital Oslo, where they create the fun sound of Spacedisco. In the middle of a cold winter night in an intimate studio on the upper west side of the city, the creation of their mon Dieu mix took place. If the mix awakens your appetite for music, you can look forward to b0ka’s track release through Manchester label Paper Recordings this fall.

In the mix, contrasting elements are blended impressively together in b0ka’s rare style. Among the sound selection, seductive Polish disco is combined with humorous Norwegian Electroclash, quirky Swedish dance stimulus and Japanese Art-Pop.


le list 01/16

Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago
Personae profile — January 11th, 2016
Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago

Come with us on a journey through the past in our forecast of emerging streams.

There will be no flames but the Dutch fire on top.

We are still not similar to cacti that lives to sting with their highly modified leaves, so interpretation must be found naturally.

On the other hand:
In current flows the one in a million rocks the boat from ice to tears.

This is undeniable.

After this preview, here are two tips from the past;
The imbecile looks at the finger pointing to the sky and a gentle smile often breeds a kick in the pants.


le list 08/15

Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago
Personae profile — November 6th, 2015
Sound by Maren Serine — 1 year ago

LET ME IN to your ears again. Because I don’t want ANYONE BUT YOU. If you do I’ll show you my SNAKE HIPS. And you will adore my CRYSTAL CASTLES for sure. The WEEKND will be so much fun, but only if you come. If you do, you’ve got to SHOW ME LOVE. It would also be nice if you told your dog that the BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY. And please remember to stop being such a memoryless GOLDFISH. You have been a DAFT PUNK for too long already. Why not become a VOYAGER AMOREUX?


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