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Branches in the backyard were naked and brown. Now suddenly blossoming pink. Just like Dorian Gray’s nature had developed like a flower, had borne blossoms of scarlet flame. This is spring in Oslo, so intense, unpredictable and lovely. Printemps amour a french panorama- Spring in Paris sounds quite nice as well. Berlin calls to offer a taste of the next mon Dieu mixture. It is groovy, funky, dreamy, nostalgic, and very french.

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monDieu 010 (Skikkelig monDieu mix) – magnus ah ok

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monDieu 006 – LovePlex – Printemps Amour / A French Panorama

mon Dieu 011 (Melanon mix) – Dj Kala

monDieu 004 – Saeed Aman

mon Dieu 015 (소주 CHAMISUL) – SOJU

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