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LET ME IN to your ears again. Because I don’t want ANYONE BUT YOU. If you do I’ll show you my SNAKE HIPS. And you will adore my CRYSTAL CASTLES for sure. The WEEKND will be so much fun, but only if you come. If you do, you’ve got to SHOW ME LOVE. It would also be nice if you told your dog that the BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY. And please remember to stop being such a memoryless GOLDFISH. You have been a DAFT PUNK for too long already. Why not become a VOYAGER AMOREUX? If it might seem a bit scary you can COME DOWN TO US in stead. We can celebrate with a juicy AVOCADO. As we do.


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mon Dieu 015 (소주 CHAMISUL) – SOJU

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mon Dieu 013 – Soldal

monDieu 006 – LovePlex – Printemps Amour / A French Panorama

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mon Dieu 007 – b0ka
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