Red Lemon Symphony

Red Lemon Symphony was composed by Moroccan photographer Mouad Abillat, Norwegian-Moroccan designer/stylist Anwar Bougroug and coming Moroccan model Tilila.

Combining Moullat’s pastel images with a Scandi-Moroccan sense of style they created a story about the new Morocco. The youth that demands equality, diversity and liberty. All the clothing, accessories and props where handmade in Morocco by local craftspeople.


Foto via Pinterest Ha—llll—o! Jeg dør av dette rommet. Taket,...

The São Paulo home of Julio Roberto Katinsky

Helg = Albumet «Sun Structures» på repeat.

Adidas x Raf Simons.

Foto: Martine Stenberg + Mari Torvanger Knap Disse bildene oppsummerer...

model: matt @PRM agency i’m back in uni now, which...
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