monDieu 010 (Skikkelig monDieu mix) – magnus ah ok

The latest monDieu mix is introduced with claps, tropical drums a cut-off voice moaning «ah, oh», and then it sets off with a persuading male voice saying «ah ok». The brilliant introduction is simultaneously presenting its creator’s stage name. Discovering this feel of audible movement right from the start of this monDieu mix, the artist’s visually background comes to mind and really makes sense.

magnus ah ok is an educated Art Director from a school of communication in Oslo. At the moment he has left the commercial field and is studying Fine-art photography. His Soundcloud is reflecting a communicator of calculated precision, but his work is also abstracted, playful and fascinatingly distorted. It will be exciting to see how his style develops from here.

magnus ah ok has produced his monDieu mix with Ableton on his MacBook Pro, and he describes it as his expressively hardest sound creation so far. His hometown Bodø, a quite calm and isolated place by the Northern coast of Norway is quite a contrast to his monDieu mix that comes off as strikingly new and urban.

The energy of the mix is high, the flirtatiousness is undeniable, and the strong rhythmical drive even has some elements of tribal vibes balanced with the fun and childish computer sample-sounds. And be sure to recognize the characteristic twisted voices pitched up and down, perfectly beat-matched. These elegant details function as bridges in the complex digital soundscape of magnus ah ok.

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