mon Dieu 005 – Lysgaard

Introducing Lysgaard, an emerging cultural hybrid as extrovert DJ, introvert producer and graphic designer. The connoisseur of local club culture and electronic music is head of design in Nabovarsel, a Norwegian collective of artists, musicians and “nerds”.

His mon Dieu mix is a playful reflection of his taste in music. The eclectic selection of tracks is also based upon response from his latest dance floor crowds. That Lysgaard takes pleasure in uniting genres like throwback-house and acid disco is an obvious characteristic. The same goes for delicate details like cute soft spots that only genuine music geeks have. Like Sade’s sensual voice that is included because it appeals to him with a sexiness reminding him of a hot marshmallow.

This mon Dieu mix is a musical crossbreed slumbering off with a dreamy flow. Then the tempo gradually accelerates into a voyage exploring some of the wildest corners of electronic music. Lysgaard has improvised the session on four lines into the mixer with the result of an effortless, quirky and refreshing audible experience. With a habit of cutting and pasting his musical assortment together in the moment, it can be hard to identify his tracks. As a dedicated booster of norwegian sound he nevertheless wants to highlight that tracks by local heroes like André Bratten and Skatebård are included in the mix. Check out more music by Lysgaard here.

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